Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kevin Banks Update

Sean Howe, the author of the new book Marvel Comics: The Untold Story (of which I look forward to reading very soon) has posted a photo of Kevin Banks on his always fascinating blog on the artifacts of the Marve Age. Banks is standing alongside Marvel staffer, lettering and production man Morrie Kuramoto. This photo was likely taken in the Marvel offices around the time Banks was producing Calvin,

Unfortunately since my previous post on Kevin Banks, seen here

I've only run into dead ends. No new information as yet has cropped up on his background or previous work in the comics field or elsewhere, although at least we now know he was a young man at the time and perhaps a photo will stir someone's memory.

Sean's book can be purchased here:

Thanks also to Rodrigo Baeza, who has an informative and delightful blog you should all be following:


Kid said...

That sounds like an interesting book; I'll keep an eye out for it.

Steven Thompson said...

I'm enjoying Sean's book but I'm also keeping a running tally of some unfortunate factual errors a good proofreader should have caught. Some are trivial but still...If I'm catching as many as I am, I'm afraid folks like Nick and Barry might catch even more.

Nick Caputo said...

I'm about halfway through Sean's book, and while there are a number of errors that cropped up, it ia a well written overview of the entire history of Marvel Comics.